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Important update:

Generic4all website is not working anymore. They had to close their website and the url no longer functions anymore. There could be number of reasons the company shut down, and we still are not sure exactly why the business shut down.

We did a lot of research and were able to find their new Generic4all website. It is called, and rumors suggest that they are back and stronger than ever. According to our source, they now have improved customer services and delivery as well as a multi-language website. We tried their new site and submitted a small order of Viagra (100 mg x 30 pills) just to test them before we wrote any kind of review about them.

The conclusion? It is a user-friendly website offering a huge selection of products (much more products than they had on previous website), and a very easy payment system that accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discovery, and American Express. Delivery to Atlanta, Georgia took exactly 5 days from the moment we placed our order. The package was well wrapped and discreet. And the pills ... well … let us just say they worked well – without getting into details... Overall, we do not know why the previous Generic4all site was shut down. All we know they are still alive and kicking – at that is enough.

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In these days of rising anxiety over medical costs, is Generic4all the best online pharmacy website? Why would Generic4all have any advantage over other online pharmacy sites? One thing that can be said for this online pharmacy is their longevity and history comes together with fairly no customer complaints. It was established in 2005 and has operated successfully ever since. In a world of online pharmacies, the public has to be cautious and know what they are getting. That is why we tested Generic4all in every way possible, and they passed with flying colors. In fact, we think so highly of this online pharmacy that we named our site GenericFourAll (4all … same meaning … get it?) to match their name even though we will also tell you about other online pharmacies available.

Generic4all is affordable, reliable, and offers outstanding customer service in respect to other online pharmacies. They sell both brand name as well as generic drugs they acquire from licensed wholesalers and World Health Organization-approved pharmaceutical companies. They have one of the largest online inventories of both brand name and generic pharmaceutical drugs offered with incredible prices. Additionally, with Generic4all, you can expect an excellent guarantee, fast and quality shipment, and a secure shopping experience. You will also discover that it is easy to find what you need, and if you cannot seem to find what you are looking for, there is plenty of help to get you where you need to be.

We tested many online pharmacies in the areas of quality, shipping, and customer service. As we mentioned to begin with, Generic4all passed all of these tests easily making it one of the premier online pharmacy sites around.

For quality generic medications at great prices, Generic4all is the place to be. Great prices, availability of product, a company guarantee, and quality manufacturing are always available. They guarantee not only their products, but their services as well. This is unlike any other competitor we can think of because Generic4all includes their shipping fees in the prices they list for the actual medication. There are no financial surprises at checkout with Generic4all.

Quality is one of the major priorities of Generic4all in both products and services. They only buy from companies that lead in research as well as manufacturing, and insist on knowing that a pharmaceutical company is as committed to the patient as they are. A perfect example of the commitment of Generic4all to their customers is the no-questions–asked, 100%-refund policy they offer. No matter what it takes to satisfy the customer, Generic4all will do it and expect the companies they work with to do so also.

As you might suspect from a website named, their goal is to provide generic and brand name pharmaceutical products to the public via mail order. Customers have been very satisfied with the products, prices, and excellent customer service.

Rating the quality of product as well as the reliability of the website, users give Generic4all a rating of 5 out of 5. However, this is not a surprise given that quality and reliability are the two factors that almost all reviewers give Generic4all for the highest marks for. Customers and professional reviewers alike rave about the site and the customer service provided.